Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bath Time!

{ May 2012 }

Our lil guy gets sooo excited when it's bath time... He picks out his rubber 
ducky, the boat, and his red cup. He loves filling 
up the cup and splashing water everywhere!..He can't stop giggling!
It's something I look forward to during every bath. And then
after we get him in his pj's, he rushes into his bathroom to 
brush his teeth. He loves his Elmo toothpaste and toothbrush! Then before our
lil guy lays down, he picks out a book for us to read...Right now, his favorites are "Llama Llama, Colors, and Goodnight Moon." We have read 
him a book every night before bed since he was 3 months old. I love that special time with him. I treasure these moments and many more in the future.

I love my life. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Picnic up the canyon...

We decided to take advantage of the great weather and drove up American Fork Canyon
The weather was so perfect...We grilled up some steaks with pasta salad and had a lil picnic
by the river. It was delicious... After dinner Connor collected rocks, threw sticks, and splashed in the river. He had so much fun! Ryan impressed me with his outdoors man skills... He walked 
the chilly river to collect some tree branches for our fire....Which turned out very nice :) 

Ryan and mini me enjoying the fire...

The boys just throwing rocks in the river...


20 Months

{ 20 mths }

- Likes to point out ALL of the BIG trucks on the road
- Loves to pick up rocks and sticks
- You have recently become a fan of Seasame Street
- Going potty on a regular basis
- You point to your eyes, nose, ears, mouth, arm, and belly
- Loves reading books outloud
- Love kicking your BIG blue ball
- When you run, you like to swing your arms
- You love climbing on and off the couch
- You can say 30 + words and 2-3 word sentences
- You like to copy what your dad is doing
- You told me that you love me (5/26)
- You can follow simple directions
 - Love playing with your cousins Avery and Jack
- You help me around the house
- You're really good at cleaning up your toys
- You now say "Yes" if we ask you something, instead of "No" all the time
- Love brushing your teeth
- You can name people in pictures

Mother's Day

{ LOVE }

I have never imagined how much my life would change after Connor came into this world. I'm truly blessed and fortunate to be Connor's Mom.... Although Mother's Day was earlier this month, I have recently been able to sit down and document some recent adventures. Although Connor's vocabulary has increased over the past couple of months, I have been waiting patiently for these very simple words "Love you Mama." And my wish came true this past weekend...We were getting our munchkin ready for bed and he said it! It melted my heart and filled my eyes with tears of joy. It's amazing how those small moments mean... Priceless.

I never wanted to pull the car over and see the horses,
I never would say "Big Truck" a million times a day,
I never was willing to give someone my last bite,
I never thought that I could watch Yo Gabba Gabba 50 times a day,
I never had the power to heal a wound with a kiss,
....until you.

Thank you for teaching me what life is all about.
Love you Connor

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Anniversary!

This year we spent our anniversary in Lava Hot Springs, ID. We were able to unwind with a couples massage, soak up the minerals in the hot pools, and check out our beautiful surroundings. It was so nice just to get away... Great idea from my better half! I love him!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

We hope you have a Happy Easter! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Day

{ March 2012 }

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Connor was surprised to find that Lucky the Leprechaun left behind some surprises... He got a box of Lucky Charms, a Sponge Bob kite, a gun, and even a picture with Lucky's green feet.